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Flash Feeders

A complete unit is built in one heavy-duty case.      
Fast charger is included in the case.

Main features:

Output 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/50 Hz or 100 V/60 Hz

Sealed lead acid batteries – no memory effect

Easy replaceable internal battery pack

Connector for external battery pack (FEEDER BATTERY CASE) for extending the autonomy

Built in universal multiple fast charger

Charging from the mains 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Charging from a car or other external battery 12 V/24 V

Possibility of connecting external battery via clamps.

Output for charging external Battery Packs and Cases

All protection (short circuit protection and polarity protection, protection against over charging and over discharging)

Everything built in a single case

Compact shock resistant casing

Water resistant (when closed)

Easy to carry 


All compact flash units and most of power pack flash units (up to 3200 Ws) can be run by Flash Feeder Compact. You can run with it your computer or any other electronic device too.

It is not a battery flash but a device in which you simply plug in studio flash units and start shooting. Its advantage comparing to battery flash units is that a photographer can use his own favorite studio flash units including all accessories he/she already has.

Enlarge the photo Enlarge the photo Enlarge the photo Enlarge the photo
Easy to carry around and easy to use– compact design Fast charging from the mains Fast charging from 12 V/24 V   Changing the battery pack
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Using additional battery case to triple the energy Fast charging from external battery
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FLash Feeder
Battery supply for studio Flash
Compact Compact Battery Case
For Flash Feeder Compact
Type 230 V/50Hz Type 2× Mono Power Conn.
AC input (mains)   Charging from the Flash Feeder Compact  
Rated voltage range (V) 100-240
Rated max. current (A) 1,5
Rated frequency (Hz)
Charging time (h); at 12/24 V (1)
Charging time (h) (1)
Charging time (h) (1)
DC input (external battery)
Rated voltage (V) 12/24
Rated max. current (A) 10
  2,5/2 5/4
AC output
Rated Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Wave form pure sine wave
Rated max. constant power (VA) 600
Rated max. overloading power (VA) - up to 15 sec. 1500
Rated max. constant current (A) 2,6
Rated max. overloading current (A) - up to 15 sec. 6
Rated max. current of connected flash (A) (2), (3)
5 - 16
General Total autonomy of 1× Compac Battery Case together with Flash Feeder Compact
Autonomy at 500 Ws compact flash
(full power)
Autonomy at 1200 Ws compact flash
(full power)
Autonomy at 500 Ws compact flash (full power) (3)
Autonomy at 1200 Ws power pack
(full power)
Autonomy at 1200 Ws compact flash
(full power)
Max. connected flash power (Ws) (3)
6400 (4)
Autonomy at 1200 Ws power pack (full power) (3)
Max. number of flash units connected (3)
Use of modeling lamp (3)
limited to 600W
Flash recycle speed for 1200 Ws (s) (3)
Fan cooling - automatic switch on/off (3)
Visible - LED Visible - LED
Battery level (10 segment) indicator yes Battery level (5 segment) indicator yes
Flash supply yes
Low internal battery yes
Charger - fast charging yes
Charger - float charging (trickle) yes
Low external battery yes
Audible beep on yes
Audible beep
Internal battery approaching low level yes
Internal battery low level yes
Low level external battery yes
Inverter output over-loading yes
Over-heating yes
Error yes
Reversed external battery connection yes
Over-heating yes
Over-loading yes
Output short circuit yes
Internal battery over-charging yes
Internal battery over-discharging yes
External battery over-discharging yes
Ext. dimensions of the case B x L x H (cm) 19.4×30.5×27 Ext. dimensions of the case B x L x H (cm) 19,4×30,5×27
(") 7.64x12x10.6 (") 7,64x12x10,6
Weight (kg/lbs) 13.6/29.9 Weight (kg/lbs) 12.7/27.9
Battery pack (V/Ah) 24/7.2 Battery pack (V/Ah) 24/14,4
(1) Charged to 80% from completely discharged (1) Charged to 80% from completely discharged
(2) Flash current measured at nominal 230/115 V
(3) Depends on connected flash type (3) Depends on connected flash type
(4) Some flash types of over 1500 Ws might not be compatible
Specifications subject to change without notice
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In order to receive the User Manual please complete the form paying particular attention to the personal and contact information. After successfully completing the request, you will receive a link to the PDF file.
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